FDA & Paul Ehrlich on Hazardous Chemicals

July 22, 2012 at 5:39 pm Leave a comment

The summer news bag has been filling up and I don’t know how much will make it on to the blog. This post turns away from the usual suspect, climate change, at our green chemistry roots: over a half-century of exposure to hazardous chemicals of one sort or another.

  • Commentary: As Silent Spring’s 50th anniversary nears, what would Rachel Carson be saying now? (Environmental Health News, 2012 June 25). Stanford scientist/professor, Paul Ehrlich takes a look back at DDT hazards that prompted Rachel Carson’s famous book and similar hazards that may be facing us today. “Many people have the impression that climate disruption is the worst environmental problem humanity faces, and indeed, its consequences may be catastrophic. But the spread of toxic chemicals from pole to pole may be the dark horse in the race. …”
  • F.D.A. Makes It Official: BPA Can’t Be Used in Baby Bottles and Cups (NY Times, 2012 July 17). If you haven’t followed the ups-and-downs of the BPA controversy, you could be forgiven for thinking this story is much ado about nothing, e.g., it seems to suggest that the American Chemistry Council has led the charge for the prohibition on BPA in these products, that BPA may be perfectly safe for babies, and the FDA is merely bowing to consumer preferences. It just goes to show how a ‘radical idea’ can eventually become ‘conventional wisdom.’ For more background on BPA, here are links to the NY Times’ archive and some past entries in the Green Science blog (try searching on ‘BPA’):

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