Green your Spring Break

March 12, 2010 at 1:59 am Leave a comment

Spring Break is a great time to catch up.

Homework? Uh-huh. SLEEP. YES!!!

Why not also read something ‘green’? Here are some news articles that have been sent my way in the last week:

  • Cleaning up the chemistry classroom. Some high schools have adopted ‘green’ lab curricula, but what does that mean. Check it out. (See also A Natural Approach to Chemistry)
  • Learn about your water footprint. A cup of coffee, a pair of jeans, a cheeseburger. Each of these requires water for its growth and/or manufacture, but do you know how much? Hint: the right answers are  36, 634, and 2867 (yes, two thousand eight hundred and sixty seven) GALLONS of water, but I’m not saying which amount goes with which product. Take your best guess and then follow the link to EarthShare Oregon‘s water footprint poster to see how your guesses play out. And ask your friends to play too.
  • How to cut carbon emissions. Since we don’t see much action at the international level, let’s get local. What can be done in our own household? On our own campus? Read this article from last October’s issue of ScienceNOW.
  • A Toilet that Help Grows Food. How can undeveloped countries find a cheap way to reduce the spread of disease and grow food? The right kind of toilet might be part of the answer. Check out this article from the NY Times (Science section, March 1, 2010).

Maybe you’ve seen (or read, or watched) something green lately? Share it here (or send it to the ‘green science list’ and I’ll post it online. Julie and Alan are also looking for the next movie/event idea. Please make suggestions.

Have a great break.


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Food, Inc. – come watch it with us How far do YOU walk for water?

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