Rebooting the GSP for 2009

August 31, 2009 at 1:14 am Leave a comment

It looked like the Green Science Project was going to shrivel up and die last spring. Although a couple of students faithfully kept planning (and attending) meetings, others were just too busy to stay involved. I had my own scheduling problems to deal with, but I’m ready to get ‘behind the wheel’ once again and take us into a new semester. Here are some of the things that I have in mind.


Can you top Thursday lunch? Let’s make Thursday lunch our regular meeting time. The only other lunch I have available is Friday. (Note: I cannot meet on Thursday in the spring, but we can worry about that later.) Organize your schedule accordingly.

Stop by and see what’s going on. Last year I tried to get students to organize our discussions. That was a mixed bag – I think you folks are just too busy – but I’m still willing to have students operate the controls. If that doesn’t happen, I have topics that I would like to present. Here are a few:

  • Energy consumption. Is it more important to turn the lights down at home or walk to school? Turns out you might want to do both, but for completely different reasons.
  • Climate change. You sleep in a dorm. You live in the library. And you eat, if you have time to eat, locally and organic. So why is your carbon footprint so gigantic? I’ll tell you. Turns out that my footprint may be smaller than yours.
  • Forget ‘paper or plastic’. We need to decide ‘iPhone or landline’. We love technology, but is hi-tech love, the kind that requires itty-bitty semiconductors and needs to be updated every 2-3 years, sustainable? How much energy and material goes into making that ultra-cool iPhone?

Green Science is here to support YOU. Ultimately, the entire reason for the Green Science Project is to support and encourage your interest in environmental issues. We are not an “activist” group, but I would like to know how the GSP can help you make your thesis green, get you involved in green science activities on and off campus, and generally make you feel better about the future (without just sticking your head in the sand). Come get involved.


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