Plan a green chemistry course? Hear Nate Lewis?

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I was hoping that someone would want to keep the blog rolling, but it looks like this will fall to me for awhile longer.

There have been several meetings in recent weeks 🙂

Roughly three weeks ago – students met (without me) to discuss directions for the Green Science Project. A number of worthy ideas were proposed. Promising.

Then two weeks ago – Sarah J., Erin S. and I gathered in Capeheart for lunch. Sarah and Erin were especially interested in learning how experiments in lab courses are (or are not) designed to be ‘green’.

Last week – Sarah J., Cameron K., Zuzu O., Kassandra R.-S., Julie Fry and I met in GCC A for lunch. Sarah’s notes on the meeting follow:

Thank you everyone who was able to make it to last week’s meeting. Last week we began a discussion of integrating green science at Reed. The idea of creating a green science/chemistry seminar or class was brought up along with the possible goals for doing so. Julie (our new environmental chemist) brought up her probable green environmental chemistry course next fall, in addition to interest in forming a green science class/seminar with student involvement. The practicality of another course at Reed was a recurring subject. We need to think of ways to balance students’ and professors’ already busy schedules with the possible addition of another class. An important factor in such a class would be student involvement. Any new class would require more than just interest. It would require involved student effort in creating and continuing such a class. The possibility of have the class be for credit to encourage students to add the class to their schedules, was brought up. The meeting ended with the idea of individuals bringing their own ideas of what to include in a possible green science course.

Sarah also added these newsy reminders for upcoming meetings:

This week’s meeting will be Tuesday at noon in the chemistry lounge. We will be continuing the discussion form last week about possible green chemistry and/or green science seminar topics. What would people be interested in looking at? What subjects should be covered in such a course at Reed? Please come with your ideas and opinions. Another topic for possible discussion is possible projects on campus, and looking at sustainability at Reed, with focus on the science departments’ environmental impact. Remember also that this Tuesday evening there will be an expedition to Linfield College for Prof. Nate Lewis’ talk (press release). If you are interested be in the Chemistry entry way by 6:15 PM Tuesday evening. (Note added by Alan: The meeting and Nate Lewis’ talk are the same day. See you there.)


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