Oct 10 meeting notes

October 12, 2008 at 8:10 pm 1 comment

Present: Cameron Kellett, Look Tobin, Kassandra Reuss-Schmidt, Patrick Fink, Tom Dunne, Alan Shusterman

The meeting began with Tom introducing himself to the group. Tom is a professor emeritus in chemistry and was responsible for teaching Chemistry 225 (Environmental Chemistry Seminar), Natural Science (his students analyzed waterflow and water quality in the Reed Canyon), Chemistry 212 (Inorganic), and other chemistry courses. Tom reported on the previous evening’s lecture sponsored by the economics department: Energy Policy for Electricity Markets: Wholesale Electricity Market Design (Prof. W.H. Hogan, Director, Harvard Electricity Policy Group). Tom’s assessment, which seems to be confirmed by the next-to-the-last slide, is that there are two kinds of market regulation and Prof. Hogan does not endorse all forms of deregulation.

Kassandra and Patrick reported on a special biology seminar that they had attended the previous day. the speaker was Dr. Sasha Kramer (Reed ’99), the director co-founder of S.O.I.L. (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods). Her group is trying to improve sanitation in Haiti while simultaneously improving the nutrients found in topsoil. This is achieved partly through the use of special composting toilets that return nutrients to the soil.

Look, Cameron, Alan, and Tom then talked briefly about the previous week’s chemistry seminar speaker, Dr. Lisa Farmen (Crystal Clear Technologies), and her company’s projects for improving water quality. We also briefly discussed the article on water quality that Alan had sent out by e-mail and Alan encourages everyone to learn more about their “Water Footprint” by investigating the information at waterfootprint.org.

We will not meet next week (Oct 17) or the following week (Fall Break). See you after Fall Break.


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Oct 14 – 16: Environmental Affairs Symposium @ Lewis & Clark The Farmer in Chief

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  • […] Dr. Sasha Kramer, Reed ’99, was on campus last spring to update us on S.O.I.L. (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods), the project that she started and manages in Haiti. If you missed her talk, simply put: SOIL works with Haitians to construct composting toilets. A big part of the project is educating people about the use of the toilets, finding groups of Haitians willing to manage and take care of the toilets, and then collecting “soil” so that it can be made into compost. […]


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