‘Green Science’ Launches into Fall ’08

September 23, 2008 at 5:47 am Leave a comment

We finally held a meeting of substance on Friday, Sept 19. Maybe this heralds a bold new era for the Green Science Project?

Attending: Look Tobin, Patrick Fink, Cameron Kellett, Erin Smith, Sarah Jablonski, Julie Fry, Alan Shusterman

We discussed future activities that we could engage in and tried to assign activities (planning, brainstorming) to specific group members. Here are some things that we came up with:

  • Green food technology (partly motivated by our successful tour of the Cal-Gon Dairy last January and probably partly motivated by lunch). Look would like to see how cheese is made. Sarah and Alan are interested in baked goods. Erin was interested in pizza. Patrick thought he might be able to arrange a tour of a local CSA farm.
  • Climate change. Julie suggested getting a speaker from Climate Trust. This group raises money for carbon offsets and we have many questions about how this can be done responsibly.
  • Green chemistry/manufacturing. Cameron said he would like to know more about this. Julie thought it might be possible to get a speaker from Intel.
  • Sustainable urban development. Several people expressed an interest in green building practices and modern recycling. Perhaps invite someone from the Master Recycler Program to come talk? Perhaps take a look at the events planned by Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development.
  • Environmental quality. What’s in our water? Local jurisdictions have water quality labs that we might visit. There is also a state Department of Environmental Quality lab in the vicinity. Perhaps a tour of one or the other could be arranged.
  • Bioremediation. Erin and Patrick are going to look for some local projects that we might visit.
  • Speakers. Alan said there was still room on the spring seminar calendar for chemistry if we had an appropriate speaker in mind. The speaker could be local, but there is a budget for bringing in someone from farther away. We need to think about this sooner rather than later, however, because potential speakers have other commitments. Erin and Patrick asked about the more biologically-oriented speakers. The group supported the idea, but Alan said that would have to be arranged through, and sponsored by, the Biology department.

More brainstorming is needed. We need to generate more ideas and see what actually gets people moving. (Also, my apologies if anyone’s cherished idea didn’t get listed. I was working harder on eating lunch than on taking notes.)

More students are also needed. Please talk our group up among your “green” friends. More participants make it easier to plan activities, detect directions that the group would like to move in, and to attract outside involvement (speakers, tours, etc.).

Next meeting: Friday, Sept 26, noon, Chem 401. We will continue planning and getting to know each other. Maybe someone will have some progress to report on one of the ideas listed above.


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First Meeting – Friday, noon, Rm 401 Sept 26 meeting notes

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