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November 20, 2007 at 4:55 pm 1 comment

Laura Mulshine posted some links as comments and I’m reposting them here to make them more visible. Here’s what Laura has been reading lately:

  • Antarctic Penguins: Bellwethers of Climate Change Lots of information and images of penguins. I’m sure everyone knows this (but in case you don’t): penguins live in the southern oceans and polar bears live in the north. If you don’t pay close attention, you can be forgiven for thinking that climate change will affect both poles the same way, but this is not the case. Arctic ice floats over sea water, while antarctice ice sits atop a large land mass. Climate change is predicted to affect the two poles differently and changes at each pole will affect the rest of the globe’s climate differently too.
  • Harvesting Clean Energy: Anaerobic Digestion This may sound like something that happens after you eat beans and rice at Commons, but it actually refers to conversion of manure (ooo, smelly, gross) into methane (please use for fuel, do not release directly into atmosphere) and compost. This site gives you the basic facts. Don’t step in the lagoon.

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