Nov 1 Discussion

November 7, 2007 at 7:50 pm Leave a comment

Present: Laura Bradley, Emily Justusson, Laura Mulshine, Look Tobin, Jordan Kohn, Alan Shusterman

This was a session to catch up with each other and share some news.

  • Alan
    • Pointed out the events listed on the blog under Green Events
  • Jordan
    • Recently received (and is reading) an MS thesis in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech on a tubular photoreactor for generating biomass from algae
  • Emily
    • Her reproductive biology course is currently reading two articles related to our interests. One is on bisphenol A (notes from our Oct 4 discussion). The other describes the deleterious effects that synthetic estrogens are having on aquatic wildlife.
  • Laura M
  • Look
    • Read an article about seeding the ocean with iron as a way of enhancing plankton growth and CO2 uptake by the ocean. There were many questions about this idea: how much iron would be needed and where would it come from? what treaties or governmental organizations would oversee or provide permission for something like this? is this a ‘mad scientist’ scheme – what could go wrong? [Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the article that Look was looking at so I can’t provide a link. –Alan]
  • Laura B
    • Read an article about landfills as a source of methane gas

After the round-robin, we talked about the fact that we still want to visit the farm near Salem that Kassi had told us about (Kassi, where are you???). And then Laura M told us about progress on her thesis project – she’s building bacterial cultures and measuring methane produced under different conditions – so, naturally, we jumped up and visited her lab in the Bio building where she showed us several brown murky pools of liquid and discussed some of the practical problems (how to keep the methane from leaking out of the apparatus, how to identify methane in a gas stream) and also the goals of her thesis project.

We’ll meet again on Nov 8, but no plans were made for that meeting.


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Fischer-Tropsch and Chicken Fat Next meeting Nov 8, Th, noon

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