First meeting(s) – Aug 24 & 30

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The Project held two meetings last week to get itself organized.

Friday, Aug 24, 2007

Wendy Breyer, Emily Justusson, Jordan Kohn and I (Alan Shusterman) met to discuss possible directions for our group. Jordan actually stumbled into our meeting by accident; he was coming to talk to me about plans for an off-campus biodiesel project that he is involved with. If you would like to learn more, contact Jordan.

We discussed three ways of running the project this semester:

  • informal – we meet so that members can share news stories that they have found; no one is expected to read stories that other members find; no focus or constraints on news stories
  • seminar – one or two members find an article or two on a selected topic; this article is “assigned” as reading for the other members and we meet to discuss these articles
  • hybrid or flip-flop – a combination of informal & seminar; we start with the informal plan, then try to select a topic from the stories that have been shared and use this topic (and possibly the story) as the focus for a subsequent seminar meeting

I also talked about

  • my hopes that the Project will turn into a green chemistry news service for the Reed community (follow link for more on that topic)
  • some web-based methods for keeping up-to-date on environmental science

Thursday, Aug 30, 2007

After working the email circuit to identify more members and find a good meeting time, we got together for lunch in the Student Lounge in the Chemistry Building. Attending: Luke Frishkoff, Patrick Hudson, Jordan Kohn, Look Tobin, Kassi Dallavis, Cameron Kellett, Erin McCowen, and Alan Shusterman.

This meeting was pretty much a repeat of the first only with different faces. After review the three meeting styles that had been been discussed at the first meeting, members expressed support for the flip-flop style so that is how we will operate. Please collect one or two news stories to share for our next meeting: Th, Sept 2, lunch in Chemistry Student Lounge.

Finally, we had a little time to discuss environmental issues that members had recently heard about. Patrick shared a BBC story with us about arsenic in drinking water supplies.


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Fall 2007 Welcome back! Next meeting Sept 6, Th, noon

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